Operational energy and carbon services

We are an independent team of energy assessors specialising in retrofit improvements and decarbonisation plans for building portfolios.

Our speciality is understanding the energy use in buildings and advising on the measures that will make a difference. We can provide solutions whether your aim is to:

  • ensure EPC ratings meet current and future MEES regulations

  • explore alternative heat sources as part of a decarbonisation project

  • improve efficiency as part of carbon reduction commitments

  • apply for funding streams and demonstrate PAS 2035 or 2038 Retrofit compliance

  • reduce energy bills and protect against long term price increases

  • increase the value of the portfolio with low energy buildings


The Building Detectives

Our work normally starts by analysing the current building and we have a range of tools to help.

  • Portfolio database analysis

  • Energy surveys

  • Building energy modelling and dynamic simulation

  • Retrofit assessments

  • Thermographic imaging

  • Air tightness testing

  • Veritherm heat loss testing

  • Borescope investigations

  • U value calculations

All these help to build an accurate picture of the current building stock and to determine the high risk buildings to focus improvement measures on. Specific retrofit measures relevant for each building can be modelled to demonstrate the calculated energy and carbon reductions and improved EPC rating.

Commercial EPC

Retrofit Assessments