Bath Western Riverside

Project Description

Client: Crest Nicholson Regeneration
Location: Bath Riverside
Units: 813
Type: Mixed Use

Project Summary

Bath Western Riverside, is a multi-phased development consisting of residential dwellings and commercial units. Crest Nicholson Regeneration has re-developed a once industrial intensive site into an attractive riverside community.

The entire development’s space heating and hot water demands are served by central plants consisting of Mains Gas CHP, Biomass boilers and Gas back-up boilers.

Bath Western Riverside had site wide targets to provide at least 10% carbon savings from renewables and/or low-zero carbon energy technologies, as well as meeting all the requirements set by the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM.

The Challenge

Each phase consisted of different construction methods, innovative architectural design and were dictated by the applicable version of Building Regulations.

This prompted early engagement with the design team to ensure that the most cost-effective and viable solutions were used to meet the necessary requirements per phase, whilst maintaining a relatively consistent approach towards the development’s overall sustainability strategy

Project Lead: Mitchell Bennellick, Senior Sustainable Consultant