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With the introduction of Part L of the Building Regulations 2021, developers are now required to take and submit photographic evidence of key areas of the build for each plot. The photos need to be geo-tagged and time-stamped to prove their validity, require review from the energy assessor to ensure the accuracy of the as-built BREL report, and form a pack of photos sent to building control and the homeowner.

AES SiteView, powered by our digital platform AES HUB, is a digital service developed for site teams to easily take and upload photos, which are then geo-tagged and time-stamped to prove they are from the correct site. AES SiteView reads our SAP data and filters out photos that aren’t required, to ensure the Site Manager only provides the photos that are required. Additionally, the app provides photo examples and ‘top tips’ to Site Managers, ensuring they have the knowledge they need to take high-quality photos. For a more strategic view, data can be aggregated to allow senior management the ability to review progress and key metrics across multiple sites and regions.

AES SiteView enables our energy assessors to easily review and provide feedback on the photos, ensuring they meet industry standards and regulations. It also produces reports that can be uploaded to building control and given to the eventual owner of the home.

SiteView can be accessed via our web portal (www.aes-hub.co.uk) or by downloading the AES HUB app for mobile devices. The app is available for both Apple and Android phones from the relevant app stores.

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We hope you enjoy using AES SiteView via our AES HUB app. If you have any queries, feedback or enhancement suggestions please contact us: hubadmin@aessc.co.uk

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