Domestic Services

We provide expert help at every stage of new-build domestic developments from land purchase through to planning, design and post-construction. Our consultants are experienced in providing advice and assessments under the Code for Sustainable Homes, EcoHomes and BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment. We’re also fully qualified to provide SAP assessments and EPCs.

Specialised Services

SAP Calculations

Assess energy consumption and CO2 emissions using the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) methodology to ensure compliance with Building Regulations Part L1A – accredited by Elmhurst Energy.  Through our skills and expertise we have saved our clients tens of thousands of pounds by value engineering their specification to achieve compliance in the most cost effective way.

Code for Sustainable Homes

Rate and certify the environmental performance of new homes with Code for Sustainable Homes assessments. Get advice on how to achieve your required Code Level for minimum cost.  By combining the Code for Sustainable Homes assessment with the SAP calculations we are able to save our clients significant sums of money by taking a holistic view and targeting the most cost effective credits to achieve the required Code for Sustainable Homes level.

EcoHomes / BREEAM / Home Quality Mark

Demonstrate the wider sustainability credentials of both new and refurbished homes under the EcoHomes, Home Quality Mark and BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment schemes.

EPC Ratings

Demonstrate energy efficiency and environmental impact with Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for all your new build properties. By working in partnership with our sister company DALTEC Ltd we can ensure your EPCs are issued quickly and with minimal fuss.

Air Tightness Testing

Fulfil air tightness testing requirements in accordance with ATTMA standards. Our sister company DALTEC Ltd will ensure you achieve the figures with minimum re-tests and repeat visits.

BPEC Ventilation System Testing

Ensure you also meet ventilation provision requirements through DALTEC – they can carry out tests in conjunction with air tightness testing to minimise on-site disruption.

Overheating Risk Analysis

Identify the potential risk of buildings overheating – we use advanced dynamic simulation software to cover every angle. When risk is identified, we provide advice on how to mitigate it.

PSI Value Calculations

By calculating heat loss at the junctions of properties using advanced thermal modelling software we can help identify relatively inexpensive ways to maximise building performance.

Specialised Services Continued

Dew Point/Condensation Risk Analysis

Make sure condensation doesn’t get overlooked – all our consultants calculate condensation risk in strict accordance with the BS 5250:2011 Code of Practice.

Daylight Calculations

We can deliver all the daylighting calculations you need to score credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes using an industry standard, simplified formula.

U-Value Calculations

Get accurate U-value calculations in strict accordance with BR443 Conventions – we’ll also provide recommendations on possible enhancements or changes that may be required.

Post-Occupancy Evaluation and Testing

Our consultants can provide a range of evaluation and testing to address post-occupancy issues or review building performance.


Our experts are available to deliver a range of bespoke training courses to improve your understanding of the SAP process and how changes made to the specification impact upon your SAP results.  We also offer training in a range of other assessment methods and our sister company DALTEC offer on-site toolbox talks, bringing together site operatives to help them understand how their work impacts on air leakage.  This can help improve quality on site and reduce the cost of re-tests.

Pre-completion Sound Testing

Fulfill your pre-completion sound testing requirements though our partner company. Our service includes initial design appraisal and detailed advice on meeting required standards as well as pre-completion testing.

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