Our Coronavirus Update

AES Sustainability Consultants has continued to closely monitor the development of COVID-19 in the UK. We aim to keep our customers and our staff as informed as possible.

We want to reassure you, our customers, that we are taking the appropriate action where necessary to ensure continuity of business and maintain our high level of service.

Some of the specific steps we have taken are:

  • We have the technology infrastructure in place for our entire business to work remotely.  This has been tested and worked well during the initial lock down restrictions, meaning we can quickly revert to this way of working should we be required to shut our office again.
  • We have the ability to stay connected using Telephone, E-mails, Skype, Zoom and Teams.
  • All points of contact remain the same.
  • We have reviewed our business to identify critical services and taken steps to secure these (e.g. EPC production for CML).
  • Our staff receive weekly updates.
  • All our site engineers have been given detailed guidance about what measures to take to ensure they minimise the risk of contracting or spreading the virus when visiting sites. They will all comply with any site-specific measures put in place.
  • All our consultants have been requested to work from home until further notice with just the administrative staff working from the office. Our employees know what action to take if they or anyone they have come into contact with have any symptoms.
  • Please note, our office remains open until further notice.

We appreciate that things are likely to get challenging again over the coming weeks but we are prepared and we are here to help. If you have any concerns please do get in touch.

Kind regards,

Fraser Hall
Managing Director