Consultants inside Energy Centre

Energy Centre Visit

Consultants visit Cranbrook’s Energy Centre

E.ON invited our consultants to visit the Cranbrook Energy Centre, located on the £120 million Skypark business development, supplying heat and hot water to both the community of Cranbrook and the Skypark business development.

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“Our visit to the E.ON Energy Centre provided a valuable insight into the functioning of a district heat network. Mark provided a comprehensive overview of how the system is developed, and how the system and its sources of energy will evolve over time towards zero carbon”. Aaron – Graduate Sustainability Consultant


“We learnt about the engineering challenges involved with constructing and maintaining a district heating network. In addition, we learned the differences between district heat networks and traditional centralised heating networks in terms of economics and customer experience. The presentation highlighted to us the importance of local planning policy in promoting the implementation of district heating networks e.g. East Devon council planning requirements. We learned about potential future projects in which waste heat form the FAB link could be used, along with heat pumps, to implement a more efficient, low temperature District Heating Network”. Kieran – Graduate Sustainability Consultant

Thank you for showing us around!

BREEAM Local Plans – South West

Local Planning Authorities across the UK have a responsibility to secure solid progress against the country’s targets to reduce carbon emissions and address climate change impacts. What can they do to ensure sustainable construction practices are embedded in non-residential development? Please read the attachment.

BREEAM Local Plan – South West

We will distribute other regions in instalments over the next few months. If you would like to discuss this attachment, please contact Maxine Goodey