Lunchtime CPD: ISO Energy

“The CPD was useful. For example, we learnt about bolt-on renewable technologies from an installer’s perspective.”

Calum of ISO Energy recently provided our consultants with their June lunchtime CPD (Continuing Professional Development). 

When the consultants apply these renewable technologies in SAP they will have more of an understanding of the feasibility and the practical implications. For example, they learnt that if a ground source heat pump (which is too big) is installed, it can lead to the ground freezing!

Learning of the maintenance and payback costs for renewable technologies provided the consultants with a more holistic view, including the experience of these technologies at post-construction stage.

Calum of ISO Energy 

“It was interesting to learn of new lesser known technologies – e.g.heat exchanges in rivers and small-scale hydro.” 

“I now have more of an idea of a homeowner’s perspective – payback periods and RHI” 

” I learnt the impacts associated with sizing renewable technologies and installing correctly to ensure efficiency (including what happens when it goes wrong).”

” I now have someone to contact with questions regarding practicality.”

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