Big Devon March

The Big Devon March is a month-long challenge to see which Devon workplace can achieve the most steps, organised by Active Devon. Charlotte, Office Manager at AES Sustainability Consultants, put together a team to encourage her fellow colleagues to move more during a working day.

“I am aware the amount of time people spend sitting down has been linked to poor health and long-term medical conditions but I am as guilty as my fellow colleagues and regularly sit at my desk too long during the working day, so I thought some healthy competition would make us all more aware of the damage we are doing to ourselves by not moving regularly.” Charlotte LW

Studies have linked excessive sitting with being overweight and obese, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and early death. We cannot ignore that research, we must act now to protect our health for the future.

100 Step Challenge


Our team consisted of 26 employees, we noticed a difference from day one; parking down the road instead of the car park to get in some extra steps, walking over to talk to colleagues instead of emailing and group walks together at lunch time.




“I wasn’t sure this would really change my routine much, given I was pretty active beforehand, but once I got going it did actually make me want to do more and be more active.” Fraser B


“It made me rethink. By using an activity tracker and seeing the difference in steps on days when I have actively trained vs. days with little activity. Therefore after the challenge I am trying to introduce more casual activities like walking to the shops to keep a fairly consistent step record throughout the week.” Maggie S


“I just wanted to beat Jono” Fraser B

Lunchtime Walk

We came 34th (out of 101). We are really proud of our team for their consistent effort throughout the month and really backing this challenge. We hope the outcome of this is that we are more mindful during the working day and choose to move more and sit less.

Position Member Total Steps 
1 Fraser B 534,442
2 Jono 525,460
3 Ed 459,990
4 Alex 400,157
5 Alice 398,146
6 Charlotte D 345,389
7 Ella 343,104
8 Ross 329,098
9 Mitch 305,873
10 Maggie 270,666
11 Max 260,649
12 Laura 240,538
13 Anna 222,028
14 Charlotte LW 213,948
15 Row 206,733
16 Lindsey 201,233
17 Sarah 200,218
18 Andrew 197,661
19 Mel 185,505
20 Aaron 159,643
21 Kat 156,498
22 Fraser H 147,414
23 Kieran 138,355
24 Lisa 88,117
25 Yasmin 52,105
26 Ben 9,300
Total 6,592,270

Fingle Bridge Branscombe to Beer


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