Lunchtime CPD: ISO Energy

“The CPD was useful. For example, we learnt about bolt-on renewable technologies from an installer’s perspective.”

Calum of ISO Energy recently provided our consultants with their June lunchtime CPD (Continuing Professional Development). 

When the consultants apply these renewable technologies in SAP they will have more of an understanding of the feasibility and the practical implications. For example, they learnt that if a ground source heat pump (which is too big) is installed, it can lead to the ground freezing!

Learning of the maintenance and payback costs for renewable technologies provided the consultants with a more holistic view, including the experience of these technologies at post-construction stage.

Calum of ISO Energy 

“It was interesting to learn of new lesser known technologies – e.g.heat exchanges in rivers and small-scale hydro.” 

“I now have more of an idea of a homeowner’s perspective – payback periods and RHI” 

” I learnt the impacts associated with sizing renewable technologies and installing correctly to ensure efficiency (including what happens when it goes wrong).”

” I now have someone to contact with questions regarding practicality.”

Would you like to provide our consultants with a lunchtime CPD? Please Contact us here to arrange.

10 Years of Service

This month we had the pleasure of recognising Greg Lock’s 10 years of service celebration

Fraser Hall (Left) and Greg Lock (Right)

Greg is a Senior Team Manager at DALTEC Ltd (our sister company) and has been with the company since those days when it operated from a shed in Jon’s garden.

10 years of dedicated service to our clients and to our Company is a noteworthy achievement and to commemorate this milestone in Greg’s career, the Director of DALTEC Ltd Fraser Hall, presented a personalised hip flask (Tin is the recognised tradition for a 10 year anniversary). 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Greg for his loyalty, hard work and professionalism. We look forward to another 10 years of working with Greg…


Book Recommendation: Designed to Perform by Tom Dollard

Designed to Perform: An illustrated guide to designing and constructing better homes. 

“Using annotated details, drawings and photos taken from live construction sites, this book identifies common problems and provides valuable best practice guidelines. It will enable practitioners and students alike to deliver high quality energy efficient design and allow homes to do what they should be doing: providing a low energy, healthy environment in which to live.”

Our Senior Sustainability Consultant, Silvio Junges, is acknowledged in Dollard’s book for collaborating towards projects that inspired this book.

Order from RIBA Book Shop:

Seeking a Technical Administrator

We are looking to recruit an enthusiastic, self-motivated Administrator.

This is a full time position, based at our Tiverton office. The successful candidate will provide support to the consultant team in the production of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

Please take a look at our Careers page to find our more details. The advert will remain open until the post is filled.

16 ft-high installation from 15,000 plastic bottles

Architect and maker Nick Wood, of How About Studio was commissioned by ZSL London to create a instillation to represent the #OneLess campaign.

This 16 ft-high instillation is made from 15,000 discarded single-use bottles collected from London.

Source: Building Magazine / Claire Doherty / Alamy Stock Photo

How about Studio explain that “the structure is inspired by ocean flows and the architecture of Indonesia – where the plastic problem is having a direct effect on the environment.”

We love this instillation and would urge anyone in London take the opportunity to view and raise your awareness whilst you can, the instillation will be on show until September 2018.

Follow these links to learn more…

Learning the ropes – Jonathan’s Sailing Day

We understand the importance of client relations and the benefits it can bring to our consultants personal and professional development.

When Jonathan, one of our Sustainability Consultants, was recently asked if he could join our client on their Company Sailing Day, we didn’t hesitate to approve.

The day provided Jonathan with the opportunity to explore the waters around Dorset, meet other industry professionals in a neutral environment and get to know our client a little better.

We are very grateful to all of our generous clients that have invited our consultants to partake in many wonderful character building opportunities over the years.