Small Business Champion Runner Up

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Here at AES we regard recycling not as a priority, but an obligation.

Maggie (Graduate Sustainability Consultant), is voluntarily challenging employee’s habits and attitudes towards recycling. With the aim to achieve the goal of reducing our company waste by half, over the upcoming year. Feeding off her degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management, her efforts include:

  • Monthly waste audits
  • Raising awareness of what is recyclable or not
  • Pestering the lazy ones for not washing up empty milk bottles
  • Praising the considerate ones for separating the film from plastic bottles
  • Promoting the use of a sustainable web-based search engines like Ecosia
  • Promoting the benefits of car sharing

“Discussing the topic with colleagues on a more personal level, has helped understanding. We have overcome obstacles such as inconvenience or lack of knowledge.” Margarita Shivarova

Maggie wants to provoke thought about the impacts of our actions to the environment and to pioneer the tools already at hand for reducing it.

It is no wonder that this dedication to recycling meant Maggie received Small Business Champion Runner Up at the recent Recycle Devon Awards in Exeter.

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Directors take on Entomology for Charity

Jon Bodington (Managing Director) and Alex Brooks (Director) of AES Sustainability Consultants, have reluctantly agreed to eat undesirable insects to support our Hope Challenge team raise vital funds to fight the global housing crisis. Through your support and sponsorship, Habitat for Humanity help those less fortunate than ourselves achieve strength, stability and self-reliance through the building of safe and affordable homes.

We want to see Jon and Alex squirm, as I am sure you do, so any amount of money that you are able to spare to ensure we see them eat something disgusting will be gratefully received by us and the charity. When our fundraising total reaches these milestones, Jon & Alex will eat:

What’s on the menu for this Bush Tucker Challenge?

£1000 Buffalo Worms
£1500 Crickets
£2000 Meal Worms
£2500 Locusts
£3000 Boiled Sheep Testicles

For any single donation of £500, Jon and Alex will eat a RAW sheep testicle as a special thank you…

Each time a milestone is reached, the feast will be recorded and uploaded onto our Twitter @JonBodington, make sure you are following us.

To donate, click HERE. We would like to thank you for any donation, everything is gratefully received!